General Rate Case

A General Rate Case (GRC) is a regulatory proceeding conducted by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to determine rates for regulated utilities. Every three years, the CPUC conducts an open and transparent review of Golden State Water’s rate proposal to ensure customers receive a fair rate for reliable, safe water service.

The GRC process is very thorough and generally lasts 18 months with oversight from the Office of Ratepayer Advocates, a division of the CPUC that scrutinizes the filing on behalf of customers. The utility’s customers have an opportunity to participate in the GRC process by attending Public Participation Hearings and/or testifying in a public proceeding before an Administrative Law Judge.

Please use the link below to access information related to the GRC Final Decision for 2016-18:

GRC Final Decision (2016-18)

Golden State Water Company Annouces Final Decision in 2016-2018 General Rate Case

Golden State Water Company Senior Vice President of Regulated Utilities Denise L. Kruger issued the following statement regarding the California Public Utilities Commission’s Final Decision on the General Rate Case for 2016-18:

“The California Public Utilities Commission ratemaking process establishes a high standard of accountability and transparency for all regulated utilities in California. Golden State Water is confident the decision is balanced and allows for the system investments necessary to continue providing high-quality water and customer service, while minimizing the impact on customer bills.

We are currently reviewing the 169-page decision and will share detailed investment and rate information with customers in every community we serve in the coming weeks.”