Important Drought Notice: California is in a drought emergency, and Ojai customers must limit outdoor irrigation to one day per week. Effective Nov. 4, 2016, Ojai customers are in Stage 3 of Mandatory Water Conservation and Rationing (Schedule 14.1), and customers have been assigned allocations for each billing period to achieve a 30% reduction, compared to 2013. Click here to review the new conservation requirements implemented on Nov. 4, 2016.

System Watering Days (Even) Watering Days (Odd) Reduction Goal February
Total Reduction
Ojai Sun Sat 30% (M) 44% 33%

* Reductions compared to 2013 usage
** (M) denotes mandatory conservation, effective Nov. 11, 2016

Total Reductions: June 1, 2016 – Mar. 19, 2017
Chart Key: Meeting Goal / Not Meeting Goal

Staged Mandatory Water Conservation and Rationing

Stage 1: Customers must limit outdoor irrigation to one day per week. All watering should occur before 8 am or after 7 pm,  and should not exceed the guideline of 10 minutes per station.
Stage 2: Irrigation restrictions from Stage 1; $2.50 emergency surcharge per CcF over 20% allocation
Stage 3 (current stage): Irrigation restrictions from Stage 1; $5 emergency surcharge per CcF over 30% allocation
Stage 4: Irrigation restrictions from Stage 1; $10 emergency surcharge per CcF over 40% allocation
Stage 5: All outdoor use of potable water is prohibited; $10 emergency surcharge per CcF over allocation; all single-family residential customers will receive allocations based on four-person household (8 CcF per monthly billing/16 CcF per bi-monthly billing)

Click here to view the City of Ojai’s protest to Stage 3 (submitted to CPUC, 10/25/16).
Click here to view Golden State Water’s response (submitted to CPUC, 11/1/16).
Click here to view the CPUC’s response (submitted to City of Ojai, 11/4/16)
Click here to participate in the Water Conservation School and request a one-time allocation surcharge adjustment or removal of the flow restrictor.
Click here to submit an Allocation Appeal Application.

Golden State Water and its employees have been proudly serving and supporting Ojai since 1929. We are a founding member of the Ojai Chamber of Commerce and Ojai Basin Groundwater Management Agency. We currently serve approximately 2,900 connections in Ojai, operate five wells and 46 miles of pipeline, and hold 1900 acre feet of water rights. With six local employees who contribute nearly a century of experience in water, we strive to provide the best quality water and customer service for our customers.

Office Location
Ojai CSA
408 Bryant Circle, Suite G
Ojai, CA 93023
General Manager: Mark Zimmer
Office Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (closed for lunch from 12 p.m. – 1 p.m.)
Monday – Friday, excluding holidays  

Average Monthly Residential usage in Ojai

  • The average monthly residential water usage in Golden State Water’s Ojai Customer Service Area is approximately 12 Ccf, the equivalent of 1,200 cubic feet or 8,976 gallons.
  • Average water bill is currently $73.07, excluding any applicable credits or surcharges.
  • Water delivered to Ojai System customers is groundwater from the Ojai Valley Groundwater Basin. The basin is bounded on the north by Black Mountain, the Topatopa Mountains on the east, the Sulphur Mountain Range on the south and the rock formations of the Santa Ynez Mountains elsewhere. The basin is recharged by snow and rainfall percolation, as well as return flows from agriculture and domestic use. Golden State Water has the ability to supplement supplies with treated surface water purchased from Casitas Municipal Water District.


Proactive system maintenance has always been an emphasis for Golden State Water, and we continually invest to improve our water systems by upgrading both treatment and delivery systems in all service territories.

Local News & Updates

Update: Ojai Playhouse
GSWC logo

On July 16, Golden State Water Company issued the following update regarding the Ojai Playhouse.

Click here to read.

Staged Mandatory Water Conservation & Rationing: Stage 1 Approved

Golden State Water has received approval from the CPUC to implement Stage 1 of the Staged Mandatory Water Conservation and Rationing filing for all water systems, effective July 1.

Click here for additional information.

Staged Mandatory Water Conservation & Rationing
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Golden State Water is hosting local meetings to discuss important information about the drought and water-use restrictions.

View Presentation; Ojai
Click here for additional details.
Click here to request your 2013 Usage Data.

Golden State Water To Invest $828.8 Thousand For Local Infrastructure Projects In 2015


Golden State Water would like to highlight the local infrastructure investments planned for your local Customer Service Area during 2015.

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