“We all drink the water that we deliver, and we want our customers to know that we care and make sure that the water they get is safe to drink every day.”

Golden State Water Company delivers high-quality water to more than 80 communities throughout California.

Our team of water quality professionals oversee compliance with state and federal water quality standards established by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, State Water Resources Control Board‘s Division of Drinking Water and California Public Utilities Commission throughout the treatment and delivery process.

To ensure water quality, Golden State Water thoroughly monitors and tests our water supply for hundreds of contaminants—some which are naturally occurring and common in the state’s groundwater basins, and others that come from environmental pollution and could pose a threat to the water supply.

Water quality results are reported directly to the Division of Drinking Water to confirm compliance with standards, and then posted online to provide transparency and peace-of-mind. These results are also shared direct to customers via Consumer Confidence Reports.

Golden State Water is committed to the delivery of safe and clean water, and more than 500 water professionals work each and every day to ensure we always uphold this pledge.