Coloma Treatment Plant Activation Scheduled For May 18, 2021

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Golden State Water Company (GSWC) would like to notify the community regarding a routine annual event that may temporarily impact water service for Gold River and Rancho Cordova customers.

On May 18, 2021, GSWC will bring its Coloma Surface Water Treatment Plant back online to provide supplemental water for the peak summer season. Customers may notice a slight change in the taste and aesthetic quality of the water due to this water-supply shift. The water remains safe to drink and is treated and tested to meet all of California’s stringent drinking water standards before it is delivered to customers.

Customers may also notice the temporary presence of sediment in the water, as a result of the new water supply and higher velocities flowing through local water mains. Water remains safe to drink, as there is no health risk associated with this temporary condition that is common in water supply operations. Reports of increased sediment levels will be addressed with localized flushing.        

For additional information regarding this notification, customers are encouraged to contact GSWC’s 24-hour Customer Service Center by calling 800.999.4033.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation during this annual routine event. We appreciate you sharing this notification with your neighbors who are also served by GSWC.

Customer Notice