Go Gold this Summer

Ditch your lawn to help conserve water


Did you know roughly half of all residential water in California is used outside of the home on lawns and landscaping? Consider replacing your lawn with California native and drought-resistant plants to help reduce your water footprint and create a curb appeal that is the envy of your neighborhood.

Follow these steps to ditch your lawn and transform your garden.

1. Plan

Take inventory of the plants in your garden and do research to determine what you’d like to replace or add.

2. Remove lawn

Call 8-1-1 before you begin to dig to ensure it is safe. Dig out your lawn or call a team of professionals.

3. Check on soil

Check to see if the soil in your yard works well to plant California natives. If it isn’t, mix in compost or add other soil.

4. Research and buy plants

Go to your local nursery and pick out plants for your garden that do well in your local climate.

5. Develop an irrigation system

Match the irrigation system to the plants or plan to hand water.

6. Plant

Set out your plants where you plan to put them. Double check that they are in the right area for watering, growth and sun exposure.

7. Mulch

Add mulch around the base of your plants. This keeps the soil cooler and protects roots. Mulch can also add visual appeal to your landscape.