Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP)


The new federal LIHWAP provides financial assistance to low-income Californians to help manage their residential water utility costs. Established by Congress in December 2020, this federally f​unded program helps low-income households pay down their outstanding residential water or wastewater bills. California has been allocated $116 million in one​-time funding to provide LIHWAP assistance. ​

The Department of Community Services and Development (CSD) is the designated administering agency for LIHWAP in Ca​​lifornia. Through LIHWAP, CSD works with a network of community-based local service providers to help low-income households pay down their outstanding residential ​water and wastewater utility bills.​

Golden State Water Company is enrolled to receive Direct Payments from the California LIHWAP. Customers must directly apply and qualify for LIHWAP to receive assistance. For more information about how LIHWAP can help your household pay down your past due water or wastewater bills, how to apply and find a Water Utility Assistance Provider in your area, please visit:  https://www.csd.ca.gov/Pages/WaterBill.aspx