When in Doubt, Request an ID or Contact Golden State Water Company

Golden State Water encourages customers to be alert of utility scams. Always be suspicious if somebody claiming to be a utility employee asks to enter your home or calls asking for credit card information to reconcile a water bill.

Here are some general tips to help you avoid becoming a victim:

  • Ask utility employees to show their identification. Sometimes a Golden State Water employee may need to gain access to your property to read a meter, check for leaks, or restore service. All of our employees carry company-issued photo identification badges at all times. Most, if not all, workers wear uniforms and drive vehicles with our company logo.
  • If you have concerns about whether someone claiming to be working on behalf of Golden State Water actually works for the company, call us at 1-800-999-4033 to confirm their identity.
  • Be careful with whom you share your personal information. If someone contacts you and asks for personal information, such as your checking account number, be suspicious. The Better Business Bureau recommends not sharing that information unless you initiated the contact and are confident in the other person’s identity and credibility.
  • Golden State Water would not call asking for banking or credit card information over the phone. Likewise, Golden State Water would never approach a customer at their property attempting to collect a payment.

To report suspicious activity, and for any further questions, please contact your local law enforcement agency or contact Golden State Water at 1-800-999-4033.