Partnering to Conserve

EPA Water Sense logo

Golden State Water Company (Golden State Water) is a proud partner of WaterSense, a United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) program established to help customers conserve nature’s most precious resource. Golden State Water promotes WaterSense labeled products to our customers through our rebate and conservation programs and continuously encourages smart water use. As a dedicated partner, Golden State Water shares WaterSense’s serious commitment to prevent water waste and encourages customers to visit the EPA website to learn more ways to save.


Alliance for Water Efficiency logo

Additionally, Golden State Water has teamed up with Alliance for Water Efficiency (AWE), an organization aiming to promote efficient and sustainable water consumption and to inform customers about easy-to-use water conservation tools.

In 2013, AWE launched the Never Waste Campaign, a national movement to raise awareness about water and the importance of conservation. Golden State Water looks forward to participating in such a strong water awareness program to support water efficiency. We encourage customers to also get involved by visiting the Never Waste Campaign website.


SaveOurWater Logo




Golden State Water is a proud partner with Save Our Water, a statewide program aimed at helping Californians reduce their everyday water use.

Created in 2009 as a partnership between the Association of California Water Agencies and the California Department of Water Resources, the program offers ideas and inspiration for permanently reducing water use – regardless of whether California is in a drought. The program is reaching millions of Californians each year with its water-saving message and tips, helping Californians make simple changes to their daily habits.


Be Water Wise logo



Be Water Wise is a collaborative effort between Metropolitan, its 26 public member agencies, and large water-using customers to improve water use efficiency. The water savings potential of individualized projects helps Southern California’s businesses, agriculture, and institutions achieve their efficiency goals. California is a recognized leader in water resource management and the support of water efficient technologies. These efforts encourage economic expansion in the region and improve water supply reliability throughout Metropolitan’s service area.

WSIP provides financial incentives for customized water efficiency projects including: Installation of commercial or industrial high-efficiency equipment, Industrial process improvements, Agricultural and landscape water efficiency improvements and Water management services. The program is open to all commercial, industrial, institutional, agricultural and large landscape customers with qualifying projects within Metropolitan’s 5,200 square mile service area.


Click here for conservation tips and resources, or visit our Drought Page to learn more about the drought and water restrictions.