Golden State Water has proudly served the community of Claremont for more than 80 years. First constructed in the early 1900s, Claremont has a mature water system. Golden State Water has remained committed to quality, investing in the system so that it can reliably serve the approximately 11,000 customers in Claremont, and portions of Montclair, Pomona, and Upland. With 11 local employees serving customers 24/7, Golden State Water is committed to Claremont.

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Claremont CSA
915 W Foothill Blvd, Suite E
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Average Monthly Residential Water Usage in Claremont
  • Average monthly usage of all residential customers in Claremont in 2010 was 21 Ccf, the equivalent of 2,100 cubic feet or 15,708 gallons. This is driven primarily by larger homes and more outdoor water use.
  • 54% of all Claremont Residential customers used an average of 20 Ccf or less per month.
  • Claremont uses 1.7 million more gallons of water per day than the nearby city of Upland and 2.7 million gallons more than LaVerne.
  • Forty (40) percent of customers use more than 14,960 gallons including the top five percent of users, which individually consume more than 37,401 gallons or more per month or 2.75 times more than the Southern California average.
  • Golden State Water imports 36 percent of Claremont’s water to meet demand.
  • The City’s water comes from two sources.  Sixty (60) percent comes from local groundwater supplies, which Golden State Water maintains. The balance is imported from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) via Three Valleys Municipal Water District.  Imported water is more expensive than local groundwater as MWD rates have increased by almost 100 percent since 2006.

Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP)

UWMPs are prepared to ensure adequate water supplies are available to meet existing and future water demands. Every five years, Golden State Water and all water systems that supply more than 3,000 acre-feet of water per year or serve more than 3,000 connections are required to update their UWMPs. See Golden State Water’s 2010 Claremont UWMP.
Claremont hot spot water usageClaremont water usage graphic

  • We’ve invested more than $20 million since 2000 to improve capacity, replace aging pipes and mains and to strengthen water quality and reliability.
  • Golden State Water plans to invest more than $4.1 million dollars in local infrastructure improvements in 2014.
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  • “Experts at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency say cities older than 50 years, like most in the San Gabriel Valley, are entering the Era of Replacement as water systems deteriorate, said Sanjay Gaur, senior manager of Raftelis, a Pasadena-based financial consulting firm Gaur said. “The cost for new pipes, pumps and reservoirs will hit ratepayers’ wallets hard.”  Golden State Water has been ahead of the curve, proactively investing to upgrade and improve the Claremont system.

Local News & Updates

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Scam Alert: When in Doubt, Request an ID or Contact Golden State Water Company

Untitled1Golden State Water customers should be aware of a recent utility scam in the Claremont Customer Service Area.

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Golden State Water Sponsors Seventh Annual Claremont Sunrise Rotary Turkey Trot

2014 Claremont Sunrise Turkey Trot

Golden State Water was proud to be a Gold Sponsor for the third consecutive year for the Seventh Annual Claremont Sunrise Rotary Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning.

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Successful Rain Barrel Distribution Event
Water drip system and iceplant

Golden State Water had a successful free rain barrel distribution event for customers during the month of November. 

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