Important Drought Notice: California is in a drought emergency, and Golden State Water’s Los Osos and Edna Road customers must limit outdoor irrigation to no more than two days per week.

Effective Nov. 1, 2016, Edna Road customers are in Stage 2 of Mandatory Water Conservation and Rationing. Outdoor irrigation is limited to two days per week, and customers have been assigned allocations for each billing period to achieve a 25% reduction, compared to 2013. Click here to review the new conservation requirements for Edna Road customers.

System Watering Days (Even) Watering Days (Odd) Reduction Goal November Reduction Total Reduction
Edna Wed, Sun Tue, Sat 25% (M) 37% 34%
Los Osos Wed, Sun Tue, Sat 2x week irrigation 30% 33%

* Reductions compared to 2013 usage
** (M) denotes mandatory conservation, effective Nov. 11, 2016
Total Reductions: June 1, 2016 – Jan. 8, 2017
Chart Key: Meeting Goal / Not Meeting Goal

Staged Mandatory Water Conservation and Rationing

Stage 1 (current stage for Los Osos): Customers may water outdoor landscapes up to two days per week. All watering should occur before 8 am or after 7 pm,  and should not exceed 10 minutes per station.
Stage 2 (current stage for Edna Road): Irrigation restrictions from Stage 1; $2.50 emergency surcharge per CcF over allocation

Stage 3: Irrigation restrictions from Stage 1; $5 emergency surcharge per CcF over allocation
Stage 4: Irrigation restrictions from Stage 1; $10 emergency surcharge per CcF over allocation
Stage 5: All outdoor use of potable water is prohibited; $10 emergency surcharge per CcF over allocation; all single-family residential customers will receive allocations based on four-person household (8 CcF per monthly billing/16 CcF per bi-monthly billing)

To learn more, please click here to visit the Drought Page of our website.
For customers in Stage 2 or higher, click here to participate in the Water Conservation School and request a one-time allocation surcharge adjustment or removal of the flow restrictor.
Click here to submit an Allocation Appeal Application.


Golden State Water is proud to be the water provider to the Los Osos community since 1976. We serve approximately 3,300 customers in Edna Road and Los Osos with high quality and reliable water.

Office Location
Los Osos
1140 Los Olivos Ave
Los Osos, CA 93402
General Manager: Mark Zimmer
Office Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (closed for lunch from 12 p.m. – 1 p.m.)
Monday – Friday, excluding holidays


Average Monthly Residential usage in Los Osos

  • The average monthly residential water usage in Golden State Water’s Los Osos Customer Service Area is approximately 8 Ccf, the equivalent of 800 cubic feet or 5,984 gallons.
  • The average water bill is currently $57.36, excluding any applicable credits or surcharges.
  • Two water systems serve the Los Osos Customer Service Area. Water delivered to customers in the Edna Road System is groundwater, which is pumped from the Edna Valley Basin through wells operated by Golden State Water. Water delivered to customers in the Los Osos System is groundwater pumped from the Los Osos Valley Groundwater Basin through wells owned and operated by Golden State Water.


  • Golden State Water plans to invest more than $3.6 million dollars in local infrastructure improvements in 2016.
  • The 2016 investments include water supply enhancements, distribution and ongoing improvements designed to replace old meters, mains and safety equipment.
  • Learn more.

Local News & Updates

CPUC Issues Final Decision for 2016-18 General Rate Case

On Dec. 21, the California Public Utilities Commission issued its Final Decision for the 2016-18 General Rate Case.

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Golden State Water Donates Turkeys to Coastal District Non-Profits

Golden State Water was pleased to partner with local elected officials and community leaders to distribute turkeys in the Coastal District through Operation Gobble.

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Edna Road Customers Invited To SGMA Stakeholders Forum

Golden State Water’s Edna Road customers are invited to attend a forum on Nov. 16 at 6 pm to discuss the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act.

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