Infrastructure Investments


Delivering drinking water from its source to more than 1 million customers in California requires a complex infrastructure of approximately 2,860 miles of pipe, 240 groundwater wells, 400 booster pump stations, 26,000 hydrants and 4 surface-water treatment plants that must be maintained properly to protect the safety and reliability of your water.

“We put your money to work by improving the water system so you never have to worry about your water.”

Water providers have a duty to maintain the infrastructure to ensure the delivery of reliable, quality water is not compromised. At Golden State Water, we take that responsibility seriously.

Golden State Water is committed to responsibly maintaining the local water infrastructure to ensure we can continue providing our customers with premium water service.

Golden State Water proactively updates our aging water pipes on a replacement schedule of approximately 100 years. For comparison, the American Society of Civil Engineers recently published a report noting a national average replacement schedule of 200 years on water pipes that are designed to last 75-100 years.

Proactive system investments are critical to protect your local water system and avoid the costly and sometimes dangerous effects of deferring maintenance.

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