Investments in Water Infrastructure

Investments in Water Infrastructure

Our Commitment to Quality and Reliable Service


Golden State Water Company (Golden State Water) is committed to responsibly maintaining the local water infrastructure to ensure we can continue providing customers with premium water service, so they never have to think twice about the quality of their water and customer service.

To fulfill our commitment to quality water and reliable service, we are investing in upgrading our water supply and delivery facilities to create sustainable, long-term value for our customers. Proactive investments to replace and protect our water infrastructure systems avoids the costly and sometimes dangerous effects of deferring maintenance or delaying the replacement of aged infrastructure. We continue to make significant investments in water infrastructure projects throughout our service areas, including under-resourced communities.

Our proactive investments to replace and protect our water infrastructure system:

Ensures the safety and dependability of the local water system
Protects the environment by reducing the company’s carbon footprint and its energy demands 
Upholds the fundamental right of every Californian to access safe, clean and affordable water.

Capital infrastructure investments and ongoing operations generate significant economic benefits for communities where we do business. Our operations help fund critical public services by not only investing in the economy of the areas we serve but through federal, state, and local taxes as well. In addition to employing 500 highly skilled employees, the services provided by the company are supported by contractors, consultants and vendors who are as diverse as Golden State Water’s service areas.

Golden State Water proudly offers a monthly credit for low-income customers who qualify for the Customer Assistance Program (CAP) program. Customers with questions about the CAP program or eligibility are encouraged to visit our  Customer Assistance Programs page or call the CAP Hotline at 866.360.2279.