Golden State Water provides reliable, high-quality drinking water to approximately 93 customers in the Robbins community. Robbins customers are part of the Arden Cordova Customer Service Area (CSA), which includes portions of Rancho Cordova, Gold River, and Arden Manor.

Water supply includes groundwater pumped from the Sacramento Valley Groundwater Basin through Golden State Water’s wells. 



Golden State Water has activated its Staged Mandatory Water Conservation & Rationing (Schedule 14.1) filings that outline restrictions, water allocations, enforcement measures and surcharges designed to achieve reductions due to water supply shortages or to achieve identified water usage goals established by an authorized government agency or official. 

The Robbins community is in Stage 2 as of June 26, 2022. Under this stage, all outdoor irrigation is limited to two days per week. Outdoor irrigation is allowed only after 7PM and before 8AM, according to the schedule below.

Golden State Water customers who do not meet the Stage 2 mandatory 20% reduction in water use may be charged a drought surcharge of up to $2.50 per Ccf (or 748 gallons) for all usage in excess of the customer’s usage allocation. While Golden State Water is not currently implementing surcharges, we are closely monitoring water supply conditions and customer water usage and may implement surcharges if it becomes necessary to spur action and additional conservation.

Addresses Ending In Watering Days
Even Numbers (0, 2, 4, 6, 8)

Sunday, Wednesday

Odd Numbers (1, 3, 5, 7, 9)

Tuesday, Saturday


Bottled Water Service

Will Robbins customers continue receiving bottled water service?

Delivering safe, clean drinking water is Golden State Water Company’s top priority. It’s why the company has a robust infrastructure maintenance plan for Robbins. Until those water system improvements are conducted, Robbins customers will continue to receive bottled water service.

Is the water now safe to drink?

Currently, Robbins is unable to adequately serve its customers with safe and reliable water service as its water quality exceeds the arsenic MCL established by Division of Drinking Water (DDW). Therefore, Robbins has been delivering to its customer’s bottled water, funded by a grant from DDW for potable water needs. Golden State Water has applied for grant funding from DDW and will continue providing bottled water service until the construction of the new well and treatment facility is complete.  Bidwell Water will continue to be the bottled water service provider for Golden State Water.   

Who should the Robbins customers contact if they do not receive potable water?

Robbins customers who have not received potable water should contact Bidwell Water at (530) 343-2423 or (916) 383-2423. Customers who purchase potable water on their own will not receive reimbursement.

The limit through the State grant is three 5-gallon bottles per household per week. If customers prefer a smaller bottle size, a 3-gallon bottle is available. Potable water is delivered once per week. Bidwell Water will deliver up to three 5-gallon bottles per week. 


Capital Projects

Golden State Water is equipped to invest in necessary capital improvements to improve Robbins’ aging infrastructure. The company has been working with federal, state and county agencies on a plan to provide potable water to the community and is looking forward to beginning those efforts in the near future.



Customer will be billed on a flat rate for the first 12 months of service under Golden State Water, but the customer has the option to convert to Metered Billing Service upon request. Golden State will assist in familiarizing Robbins’ customers to metered rates by including information in customer bills on their water usage and potential costs when they transition to metered rates