Who We Are

Who We Are

About Golden State Water


Golden State Water Company delivers quality, reliable water to more than 1 million people in over 80 communities throughout California. Golden State Water has been in business for more than 90 years because we put customers first.

We worry about water so you don’t have to.

Accountability: We operate transparently and are accountable to state and federal regulators to ensure rates are fair. Our rates are established to recover our operating cost on a dollar-for-dollar basis, without profit. Golden State Water’s shareholders provide an important source of capital that allows the utility to make needed system investments and improvements for the benefit of our customers. Being a profitable company ensures a lower investment cost and a solid funding source for infrastructure improvements. Regulatory agencies, such as the California Public Utilities Commission, authorize a rate of return to our shareholders for bearing the risk of providing investment capital to finance needed capital improvements.

Water-use Efficiency: We help people and businesses use water efficiently and offer rebates and special programs to customers to help manage water use. Efficient water use is one of the best ways to maintain a reliable source of high quality drinking water, now and in the future, and helps our customers manage their water bills.

Service: We operate a 24-hour customer service line with friendly Golden State Water representatives available to answer questions and take action to help with service issues. We strive to deliver personal attention to every customer and to be involved as a civic leader in the communities we serve.

Expertise: Our technical experts ensure we can efficiently deliver quality water and strong resource management.

Investing to Protect Your Service: We have access to capital to ensure our system is maintained to protect every drop of water from its source to your tap.

We don’t play politics with water service. Deferred maintenance and cutting corners puts customers and water quality at risk. We work to balance maintaining the water system with being efficient so that rates are reasonable. We have reformed our pension system and are focused on maximizing efficiency. We don’t charge for connection fees or service calls.

Golden State Water Company is a regulated utility in California and is a wholly owned subsidiary of American States Water Company. The company is regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, State Water Resources Control Board Division of Drinking Water and the California Public Utilities Commission. Golden State Water values customer input and appreciates the influence customers and all stakeholders have in the ratemaking and regulatory process.


Parent Company Information

American States Water Company is the parent of Golden State Water Company, Bear Valley Electric Service, Inc. and American States Utility Services, Inc., serving over one million people in nine states. Through its water utility subsidiary, Golden State Water Company, the company provides water service to approximately 262,000 customer connections located within more than 80 communities in Northern, Coastal and Southern California.

Through its electric utility subsidiary, Bear Valley Electric Service, Inc., the company distributes electricity to approximately 24,500 customer connections in the City of Big Bear Lake and surrounding areas in San Bernardino County, California.

Through its contracted services subsidiary, American States Utility Services, Inc., the company provides operations, maintenance and construction management services for water distribution and wastewater collection and treatment facilities located on eleven military bases throughout the country under 50-year privatization contracts with the U.S. government.

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