Customer Assistance Program


Golden State Water recognizes that some customers may have difficulty covering expenses, and proudly offers a monthly credit for low-income customers who qualify for the Customer Assistance  Program.

Customers who participate in the California Alternative Rates for Energy (CARE) program would also qualify for the monthly water bill credit and are encouraged to enroll by submitting a signed CAP application (EnglishSpanish) with a copy of their current utility bill showing CAP eligibility to Golden State Water. Qualifying customers not currently enrolled in CARE should submit a completed and signed CAP application to Golden State Water.

Program Qualifications:

  • The Golden State Water bill must be in your name and the address must be your primary residence or you must be a tenant receiving water service by a sub-metered system in a mobile home park.
  • You may not be claimed as a dependent on another person’s tax return.
  • You must reapply each time you move. The CAP discount does not automatically transfer to another residence.
  • You must renew your application every two years, or sooner, if requested.
  • You must notify Golden State Water within 30 days if you become ineligible for CAP.
  • Your total gross annual income of all persons living in your household cannot exceed the income levels below:

CAP Income Qualifications

Number of persons in household Total combined income from all sources *
1-2 $40,880
3 $51,640
4 $62,400
5 $73,160
6 $83,920
7 $94,680
8 $105,440
Each additional person, add: $10,760

* before taxes based on current income sources; effective June 1, 2023

The CAP program is open to all qualifying residential water customers. Non-profit group living facilities, agricultural employee housing facilities and migrant farm-worker housing centers may also be eligible to receive a monthly credit.

Enrollment is subject to program guidelines and qualifications, and credits become effective after application and proof of income have been verified and approved, if proof of income is required by Golden State Water.

Customers with questions about the CAP program or eligibility are encouraged to call Golden State Water’s CAP Hotline at (866) 360-2279.