Important Drought Notice:

The State Water Resources Control Board has instructed Golden State Water’s Edna Road customers to reduce water usage by 20% as compared to 2020.

System Reduction goal Actual reduction *
Edna 20% -9%
Los Osos 15% -2%

*Actual reduction (compared to 2020 usage)

In order to achieve the mandatory reductions established by the State Water Resources Control Board, the following Staged Mandatory Conservation and Rationing plan has been filed for the local water system.

Golden State Water has activated its Staged Mandatory Water Conservation & Rationing (Schedule 14.1) filings that outline restrictions, water allocations, enforcement measures and surcharges designed to achieve reductions due to water supply shortages or to achieve identified water usage goals established by an authorized government agency or official. 

The Los Osos community is in Stage 2. Under this stage, all outdoor irrigation is limited to two days per week. Outdoor irrigation is allowed only after 7PM and before 8AM, according to the schedule below.

Golden State Water customers who do not meet the Stage 2 mandatory 20% reduction in water use may be charged a drought surcharge of up to $2.50 per Ccf (or 748 gallons) for all usage in excess of the customer’s usage allocation. While Golden State Water is not currently implementing surcharges, we are closely monitoring water supply conditions and customer water usage and may implement surcharges if it becomes necessary to spur action and additional conservation.