How to Read Your Meter


The water meter reads like an automobile odometer. Instead of miles, it measures cubic feet of water. Each cubic foot is equal to 7.48 gallons of water. Customers are charged for each hundred cubic feet (Ccf), or 748 gallons.

In the illustration below, the numbers under the words “CUBIC FEET” reflect the total number of cubic feet of water recorded since the meter was installed. Because our charge is based on units of 100 cubic feet (Ccf), the meter reader discards the last two numbers with the black background. So the current reading would be 817.

If the next time we read your meter and it is 829, subtract 817 from 829 and you would get 12, which means you used 12 Ccf, or 1,200 cubic feet, for that period.

How to Read Your Meter

How to Check for Leaks by Reading your Meter

example of a meter dial

The needle on the meter turns as you use water. If you turn off all of the water in and around your home and the needle continues to move, chances are you have a leak on the property, such as a leaky toilet or faucet. Contact us at 1-800-999-4033 if you have any questions about reading your meter.