Cross-Connection Control Protection Program

Cross-Connection Control Protection Program


Golden State Water Company’s Cross-Connection Control Program is designed to protect the potable water supply (water that is safe for drinking) from any unwanted flow from residential, commercial, industrial or institutional water sources. A cross-connection is a connection or potential connection between a potable water system and any source containing water or other substances that are not safe for human consumption.

Water purveyors have the responsibility to assure safe drinking water that is achieved through an effective cross-connection control program. This is a cooperative effort between plumbing and health officials, water companies, property owners and backflow assembly certified testers. The goal is to establish and administer guidelines for controlling cross-connection, and implementing means to ensure the enforcement of these guidelines so the public potable water supply will be protected.

Golden State Water Company is committed to maintaining and upholding the standards set forth by the California Division of Drinking Water Title 17 regulations, the Uniform Plumbing Code, and the Manual of Cross-Connection Control by the USC Foundation for Cross-Connection Control and Hydraulic Research.

Backflow Documents

Change of Mailing Address Request Form
Blank Test Form
P-35 Backflow Prevention Assembly Overview for Above Ground Installation

Questions and Answers about Cross-Connection

A list of commonly asked questions about cross-connections can be found by clicking here. If you have any questions, feel free to email

Backflow Prevention Assemblies (BFAs)

Golden State Water Company has adopted standard specifications for the installation of backflow prevention assemblies. See these standard drawing for more information:

P-35 Backflow Prevention Assembly Overview for Above Ground Installation
P-35-Backflow-Prevention Assembly for Fire Services Standard Drawing

Finding a Certified Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester

Golden State Water Company cannot recommend testers nor do we maintain a list of certified testers. If you are in need of a tester:

  • Consult with your current plumber or contractor. These professions usually hold backflow tester certification or know someone who can test your assembly. PLEASE NOTE: Whomever you select to test your BFA must be certified to do so. Your plumber or contractor may or may not be certified. Testers must hold a current certification from either the county, American Backflow Prevention Association (ABPA) or American Water Works Association (AWWA). Please contact us if you are unsure that your tester’s certification is acceptable.
  • Look in the Yellow Pages under “Backflow.”
  • Search online using keywords such as “Backflow”, “Testers”, “Cross-Connection”, etc.
  • Check your assembly. In most cases, your existing BFA has been tested before and should have a tag from the previous tester that shows the tester/ testing company’s phone number.

Testers must use this form when performing a test for a Golden State Water Company customer. Ideally, the backflow tester should use the form supplied by the customer – which is pre-populated with unique identification numbers. If it is not available, a blank form may be used.


EPA Cross Connection Control Manual
Rule 16: Service Connections, Meters, and Customer’s Facilities
Title 17, California Division of Drinking Water