Service Material Inventory

Does Your Home Have Lead Pipes?

Golden State Water is here to help.


Golden State Water is dedicated to ensuring the water from your taps meets all state and federal drinking water standards, providing you with the peace of mind that your health and safety are our top priorities.  

While Golden State Water’s water system does not include lead pipes, it’s important to note that some homes constructed before 1986 may have them. Lead can pose health concerns when ingested by humans or animals, and we want to ensure you are fully aware of this potential risk.  

Golden State Water is examining customer-owned service lines to determine if they contain lead or copper. An inventory of lead pipes will be completed by October 2024. 

If customers would like to conduct their own evaluation by visually inspecting their meter box and then registering their finding with Golden State Water, here are some quick and easy steps.

CLICK HERE to conduct a self-examination of your service line.  

CLICK HERE to report inventory on your pipes. 


When were lead pipes used?

It is common for homes built before 1986 to contain lead water pipes and fittings.

What is a water service line?

A water service line is a line that carries water from the main GSWC pipes in the streets to your home or building. 

What is the Lead and Copper Rule?

  • In 1991, the EPA published a regulation to control lead and copper in drinking water known as the Lead and Copper Rule (LCR).
  • The LCR has undergone many revisions since it was introduced, that can be found here.

How do I know if I have a lead service line? 

  • If Golden State Water identifies lead pipes on your property, customers will be notified within 30 -days of their lead status; whether it exists or its status has not been determined.
  • To help identify if you have a lead service line, customers can use this helpful quiz.

How do I report inventory on my pipes?

Help Golden State Water identify whether your property has a lead service line by filling out a questionnaire here.

Is my water meeting all state and federal drinking water standards? 

GSWC would like to assure customers that we monitor and test regularly to ensure the water we deliver meets all state and federal drinking water standards, including those for lead and copper as found in the Revised Lead and Copper Rule.

Who owns the water service line on my property?

Golden State Water owns the service line from the main in the street to the meter box and the property owner owns the service line from the meter box to their home or building foundation.

How will the revised Lead and Copper Rule impact Golden State Water customers? 

The Revised Lead and Copper rule aims to enhance drinking water safety and quality for all Golden State Water customers. Golden State Water doesn’t have any lead service lines on its side, so retrofitting existing service lines that could affect water service is unlikely. Golden State Water employees may need to work near your water meter box to identify the material composition of customer-side service lines. Golden State Water will notify you if we plan to work around your meter box.

How can I learn more? 

Customers seeking additional information are encouraged to click here for resources published by the USEPA, click here for information from the American Water Works Association, or contact Golden State Water at 800-999-4033.