What is Military Family Relief Program (MFRP)?

Military father wearing army cameo holds son wearing orange sweater on his shoulders. Wife stands close by, looking at her husband and son with happiness.

If you or your spouse is called to full-time active military service by the President of the United States or the Governor of California during a time of declared national or state emergency or war, you may apply for a 180-day period shut-off protection for residential water service. The MFRP only defers the time of payment of all water charges and does not waive or cancel them.

To apply for the MFRP at your residence, please fill out this application and submit it to the Golden State Water Company. You will receive the MFRP shutoff protection benefit after Golden State Water Company receives, verifies and approves your completed and signed application.

If you need help filling out the application, or would like more information about the program, please call Golden State Water Company 24-hour customer service center at 1-800-999-4033.

What are the Benefits?

  • A 180-day shut off protection period.
  • Repayment plan that allows payment of past due amounts.
  • No late payment fees or interest charges imposed during the period of active military service or the repayment period.

What are the Qualifications?

To qualify for the MFRP, I understand:

  • I am a residential customer served by Golden State Water Company.
  • The water utility bill is in my name.
  • I must provide a copy of the activation or deployment order that specifies the duration of the active duty status.
  • I must notify Golden State Water Company if the active duty status is either shortened or extended.
  • I must provide Golden State Water Company written notice that includes the date of service termination and a valid forwarding address if I move from the residence.
  • I must provide a self-certified statement that my legal dependent(s), if any, occupy the residence.

Apply now for the Military Family Relief Program.

Assistance For Low-Income Customers

Golden State Water offers a monthly credit for low-income customers who qualify for the California Alternate Rates for Water (CARW) program. Click here to learn more.

Policy for Discontinuation

Golden State Water understands that customers may experience financial hardship and may periodically be unable to pay their bill.  Golden State Water will allow every residential customer a total of 79 days from the date of mailing its bill, to make full payment of the bill prior to discontinuance of service.  Click here to learn more.